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Bart Thijs

Treasure hunting Taste since 1968 ... Dell'oro, a separate branch of Vinalfood, was founded in 1998 to focus on the Belgian Ho.Re.Ca. segment. Recently Dell'oro decided to start focussing on consumers as well. Offering them professional quality food and wine.
Vinalfood was founded on July 1, 1968 by Elie Platini. He had been, until then, an independent representative for several Italian brands , like his father , Giovanni Platini , had been. Giovanni Platini was an Italian immigrant in Belgium who started introducing Italian brands in Belgium. To date, the company is still in the hands of the Platini family. The current director is Jean Platini, son of the founder. The Platini family has never lost his ties with Italy. At present, the Italian products still account for 75% of our range.
The company is currently located in Wommelgem by Antwerp, and has a storage warehouse of 5000 sqm. At present, the building is being remodelled to make room for a training / tasting centre, with a fully fitted professional kitchen in order to organize tasting and training sessions for our clientele. Vinalfood’s original focus was put on retail. All Belgian supermarket chains are in our customer portfolio. We also have ethnic clientele (Italian and Maghreb shops), electronics stores, Ho.Re.Ca. wholesalers, ... among our clientele. Vinalfood, together with Dell'oro, likes to present itself as a strong partner for our foreign brands. With the right know-how for the Belgian market. The entire team of the Vinalfood-GROUP currently counts nearly 30 employees with a sales team of 12 people.